Monday, 6 February 2012

New icon

I was never very happy with the original icon for ElectroTrains, so I made a new one at the weekend. I managed to get something I was reasonably pleased with quite quickly, using an open-source package called Inkscape. I'd installed this ages ago, but never really taken to it, since it has an ugly x-windows interface on the mac. However, after a afternoon spent with it, and working through a couple of tutorials (this one got me off to a good start) I ended up really impressed with what this software can do - and I've only used a few of the basic features.

A new version of ElectroTrains with the new icon and iPad support is now on its way to the app store.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Universal Version of ElectroTrains (iPad support)

I'd no sooner got the last update of ElectroTrains submitted to apple, when I decided to have a go at updating the code so it runs as an iPad app. This proved a lot easier than I was expecting, so I will shortly be releasing a Universal version of the game.

This means iPad users will see the full "retina" version of the game (as on the iPhone 4).