Wednesday, 22 May 2013

ElectroTrains now has over half a million downloads

The original ElectroTrains game was free for a couple of days earlier this week, to help promote the new sequel. With 150,000 new downloads this week, that takes the grand total for the original game up to a bit over half a million I reckon.

Now, if only some of these people like it enough to buy the sequel, I might actually make a little bit of money out the game!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

More ElectroTrains now available in the AppStore

The sequel to ElectroTrains - "More ElectroTrains" is now available in the AppStore. It has 6 new maps, some new graphical effects and now fills the screen properly on the iPad and new 4 inch iPhone and iPod touch. It also looks great on the retina iPad.

I made a new track editor and a set of track parts modelled on my son's toy train track, which makes it much easier to make new maps, and to draw them so they look good on screen. There's a bit more geometry involved in designing parts of a toy railway than you might expect - unless you get the radius and lengths of the curves and straights perfect you end up with something where the two ends of your track won't meet up!

I might make the track editor available in a future update, if I can figure out how to easily let people swap maps.

The original ElectroTrains has been downloaded almost half a million times (sadly for my wallet, most of these when it was available for free), with lots of nice reviews from around the world and a lot of very regular players on GameCenter. I hope lots of people download the sequel too - it's a bit more polished and closer to my original vision.