Thursday, 14 June 2012

More maps coming

Many people have requested more maps for ElectroTrains, particularly more easy or medium ones...

The good news is that I'm almost finished the next update to ElectroTrains, which adds a new set of 3 maps, signals, and a fast-forward button so experienced players still get a bit of a challenge during the first few minutes of each game, while not making it too hard for new players.

This will be a free update (I toyed with the idea of doing the new maps as an IAP, or even a seperate app, but was so pleased with the new maps and gameplay, I wanted everyone to get it).

The other good news is that I've sold enough copies of ElectroTrains to be able to pick up a new iPad soon, so a future version (may) support retina iPad display in addition to the existing retina ipod/iphone support.

Work in progress screenshots below:

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