Thursday, 29 March 2012

50,000 downloads yesterday, #1 Strategy Game in UK App Store

I was pretty disappointed with how sales had gone since I released ElectroTrains late last year. After a particularly bad day (tuesday, 0 sales), I decided to see what happened if I made the game free for a couple of days.

I've been amazed by what happened. Yesterday more than 50,000 copies of ElectroTrains were downloaded, and (as I write) I'm #1 in the Strategy games charts for free games in several countries, including the UK. Even more amazing, I'm #7 in the German chart for ALL free apps.

ElectroTrains was also selected as one of the 3 apps for FreeAppMagic and "App of the day" on a couple of websites, which no doubt helped me climb even higher up the rankings

Hope that everyone that has picked up the game for free is enjoying it!

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