Friday, 30 March 2012

Lots of good reviews (and a bug?)

ElectroTrains has really taken off in the last few days. I've picked up lots of nice reviews across the internet:


Annoyingly, I've also seen a few reports of a bug that seems only to surface on some older devices, where the touch screen is "inverted" relative to the display. I suspect that this is caused by the code I added to support playing it "upside down" on the iPad. I will try to reproduce this today and get an update out ASAP. Sadly this is causing a few people to give ElectroTrains a 1 star rating on the app store.

So if you get the bug, please send me an email, since it might help me track it down more quickly. You could also try turning your device upside down, and see if that sorts things out. If it does, again, please let me know. Its hard to fix a bug when it only seems to happen to a tiny fraction of people/devices.

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